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Clarke Excavations is a company owned by Thomas Clarke, an experienced excavation service provider. The project is aimed at expanding Clarke Excavations' online presence and helping to generate a larger client base for the company. This included the development of a logo and webpage.


When starting a company it can be difficult to present a clear and consistent identity, especially when producing online promotional materials. Therefore, it is important to start out with a strong brand and logo that represents the ideals of the company.


I have created a logo based on a brand personality of professional and reliable excavation services. The logo incorporates a CE monogram, wordmark and the colour blue as selected by the client. This has resulted in a strong and professional outcome, themes which I have carried throughout the project in a minimalist webpage design, displayed below.

Research and Discovery

I researched other local excavation companies to get a general understanding of the services provided. This also helped me to develop a plan of how to structure information about Clarke Excavations and their services. I also took some time looking at larger construction companies and branding experts for inspiration on branding and UI design.

Mood board created for Clarke Excavations.

Experimentation and Development

Using my research and discovery I was able to make informed decisions on how best to structure the website. The above research also provided inspiration when creating a variety of logo outcomes.

Logo sketches.
Logo outcome 1
Logo outcome 2
Logo outcome 3


The three logo’s presented above include alternative outcomes produced. The final outcome selected by the client is presented above, centre. I created the monogram element within the logo by combining a lowercase ‘c’ and ‘e’ using a blend of positive and negative space suggestive of the two letterforms. The curve of the monogram is also representative of a digger bucket in keeping with excavation services. The wordmark was created using the typeface Muli, bold. The wordmark has been customised by removing a section of the ‘x’ in excavations reflective of the removal process in digger work and also providing a modern and edgy feel to the design outcome.

Website wireframe.


Above is the wireframe agreed on by the client. By producing wireframes similar to the above I was able to give the client a general idea of how the website would be structured and make changes accordingly before creating a full mock-up.


Branded helmet mock-up.
Branded sign mockup.
Branded digger mock-up.
Website mock-up.

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