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The Flower Barrow is a Northern Ireland based flower shop that specialises in floral arrangements. Business owner Elaine Dickson has now pushed her speciality and gifted abilities as a florist into wedding floral arrangements, directing her services towards an entirely new target audience.


The change in target audience brought with it the need for a rebrand and a new website targeting grooms and brides to be. Elaine’s shop and floral style have a soft vintage feel and this needed to be reflected in the brand's personality and logo. It was also important to consider the wedding market and potential competitors to ensure that the branding for The Flower Barrow had a unique and personal feel.


I have created a logo using a script typeface and floral illustrations with a grey, white and green colour scheme. I wanted to keep the overall outcome soft and maintain a slightly more hand-rendered style outcome in keeping with the brand’s vintage personality. While designing mock-ups for The Flower Barrow’s website I wanted to emphasise the professional and quality services provided by Elaine as well as her creative abilities.

Research and Discovery

I began my brand research by first looking at designers such as Saul Bass and large companies that have successfully incorporated script and handwritten typefaces into their brand's. I then broadened my research by looking at floral arrangements, fine art paintings and vintage typefaces, I have included some below. I also did a number of competitor analyses and looked at some of the leading wedding florists in New York and London to get a sense of their online presence.

Mood board created for The Flower Barrow.

Experimentation and Development

I discussed the look and feel desired for the brand by the company owner and completed the above research. This provided me with a clear direction on what type of logo outcome to produce and how to structure the website.

Logo sketches produced for The Flower Barrow.
Logo option 1.
Logo option 2.


Above I have included a series of sketches that I used to develop two logo outcomes. The client was originally eager to include a wheelbarrow in the logo. After having experimented with various styles I found that including a wheelbarrow was making the outcome dated when combined with the desired vintage, watercolour effect. I, therefore, created a more modern minimalist outcome to balance out the inclusion of the wheelbarrow. The second outcome captures the vintage hand-rendered feel that I was unable to include in the first outcome. I created the second outcome recreating the flower and leaf sketches above on Adobe Illustrator along with the script typeface Debby. The second outcome was selected by the client.

Multiple page wireframes for The Flower Barrow.


As stated above I began the wireframing process by first completing an ample amount of research on local floral businesses, particularly those targeting the wedding market. I also researched some of the leading wedding florists in places such as London and New York to get a clear understanding of how high-end florists are promoting their services. I used the information gathered to sketch out wireframes of potential structures for the website. I recreated the outcomes digitally using Figma as shown above, to be sent to the client and reviewed.


Mock-up of logo on van
Bouquet of flowers arranged by The Flower Barrow.
Image of business card mock-up for The Flower Barrow
Website home page mock-up for The flower Barrow.

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